"dave schubert .. 

 .It’s typical in this  day and age for novice practitioners  to proclaim themselves “ photographers”  and flood us with mediocre images   the second they  look through a lens . but then there are photographers like  dave schubert  who   has barely given  us  a glimpse of his 25 year phenomenal  body of work.  he’s been lurking around the fringes for years. when everyone else is tucked away at night he is trolling with his camera , constantly watching , quietly shooting , sneaking away in an instant  . capturing  unrepeatable moments, he  is instinctually  omnipresent.     his pictures are beyond real, the real you don’t even know you are living . a subconscious plane perhaps, revealed only when the image emerges on the photographic paper in his  SF Mission darkroom-habitat  .  .  He is one of the few   photographers  shooting today that encompasses so fully the total embodiment of the documentary - street photographer ." 
~ Cheryl Dunn